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Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel VS Palestine

Israelis Vs. Palestinians
Today we are well into the current strife between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Each side dominated by an Old-School hard-liner .. Each side running on fears and past injustices. BOTH sides unsure of where to go or how to proceed without "Losing".
Unfortunately .. they don't seem to realize .. the longer this goes on the more they are already LOSING!
Life Goes On
Life goes on .. when we let it. Today, in this age of uncertain tomorrows, we all feel both helpless and needing to help. We look across the land to our brothers and sisters .. peoples faced with impossible questions that must be answered .. NOW! .. or else. To all those facing such impossible odds and insurmountable obstacles .. Remember life. Let it blossom. Let it grow. Choose life above all else. Above ALL else!
You can tear down a wall, crush a car .. or a people. You can blow a thousand hopes into nothingness with a single switch. But NEVER can you replace a life. Never. When it is gone there is no more life here. Perhaps, on the other side, there is more. I do not know. But I do know that the lives that are no more are missed. Mourned .. and needlessly so.
What has been spent in human suffering and blood has been wasted. For today we face no better an outlook than we did many years ago. I say it is time to stop wasting this precious resource of life. Stop it now. And let LIFE go on.
What Is Their Goal?
I am forced to look down the road .. into the future .. to help decide for myself how I should feel about both sides in this conflict.
I must state up front that I am employed by a company based in Israel. I am not Jewish, but I have always felt a certain kinship with Israel, no doubt fomented by my country's firm support for that State.
But even so, there appears to be no "Right" and plenty of "Wrong" in this conflict. Both sides seem "dirty" in some ways, and morally justified in others. So, I look instead at what each side wants to help me gain a foothold on this slippery slope of contention.
To my knowledge, Israel seeks only to free themselves from the random violence they have been subjected to. Mr. Sharon has no doubt instigated some of the current unrest by continuing to settle land within the Palestinian borders, but by-and-large his people do not seem to wish harm to the Palestinians .. only an end to the terror.
On the other hand, the stated goals of the Palestinian Authority is nothing less than the total destruction of the state of Israel and all of her inhabitants. They will not stand-down until the very last Israeli, and maybe the last Jew, is dead and buried beneath their feet.
One strives for peace .. one strives for destruction. Based on these precepts adopted by each "side" I can make no sound choice other than to side with Israel. Am I happy with what they are doing? No. Who could be? Never is the taking of life "right'. It may at times be the only choice. But it strikes me as rather asinine that either side could claim a moral justification for killing in this case.
How Does It End?

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